Four chaplains service at Togus
Date: 2/9/2013 Album ID: 1608669
Photos by Andy Molloy
Staff photo by Andy Molloy
FOUR CHAPLAINS: Rabbi Susan Bulba-Carvutto lights a candle Thursday February 7, 2013 in memory of US Army Chaplain Alexander D. Goode during a ceremony at Togus Chapel for the rabbi and three three other chaplains who perished when their troop transport was sunk by a German submarine off the coast of Greenland in February 1943.  The Methodist minister George Fox, Catholic priest John Washington, Dutch Reformed minister Poling and Rabbi Goode each helped soldiers reach lifeboats and provided their own lifejackets to men aboard the USAT Dorchester on February 3, 1943 when the vessel was struck by torpedoes from a German submarine at the height of World War II.  The clergy stayed aboard as the ship sank in the Atlantic saying prayers together to provide comfort to the wounded and furnish room in lifeboats, according to citations the men received posthumously.  The service at Togus Chapel remember the heroic actions of the men was performed by Rabbi Bulba-Carvutto, Catholic deacon Jeff Lewis and VA Togus chaplain William D. Smith.
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